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Session Notes from Big Red Studio.

Rapper Young Buck session

Young Buck tracks at Big Red Studio

Platinum recording artist/rapper Young Buck created and tracked new vocals over some incredible beats recently at Big Red, Nick Moon and Zack Meyers engineering.

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Isaac Simons “Eyes Awake” project

Singer/guitarist songwriter Isaac Simons has locked out Big Red for most of two weeks, tracking with an excellent cast of Northwest artists for his “Eyes Awake” CD project. His blend of Reggae, Hip-Hop and Electronica is quite unique and has had the sub-woofer at Big Red working overtime.
Engineers Tim Hochstedler and Producer Zack Meyers utilized the Studer 2″ deck synched up with Pro-Tools HD, capturing the best of both analog and digital sounds.

Isaac Simons

Producer 'Buttercup' Zack Meyers and Isaac Simons

Drummer phenom Anthony Jones

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Brian Hall Project


Brandon Hutson, Brian Hall, Steve Smith, Dennis Dove, and Donavan Itawe Cunningham

Singer/writer /DJ/producer/engineer Brian Hall brought these amazing musicians together to Big Red for tracking his unique blend of classic Reggae grooves with cool modern influences.

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Greg Earl Project

D. K Stewart, Greg Earl, Reinhardt Melz, and Edwin Fontaine, Jr.

Greg Earl: Blues with New Orleans flavors. Legendary musicians.

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David Jacobs-Strain

David Jacobs-Strain and Kenny Passarelli

Blues singer/guitar wizard David Jacobs-Strain (Northern Blues label) and producer/bassist Kenny Passarelli [Elton John, Joe Walsh, Stephen Stills, Otis Taylor, et al.] were mixing and tracking with Billy at Big Red this week. Amidst hard work, the camaraderie was great. David will be releasing a new live and also a new studio CD later this year.

David and Kenny 'commuting' to Big Red in the once-every-couple-years snow

Kenny Passerelli’s well-traveled 1962 Fender Jazz Bass

A few of David Jacobs-Strain guitars

David’s web site is at:
Also, for some interesting reading, try Googling “Kenny Passarelli.”

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Jim Page: Music from Big Red 2

Billy Oskay/Violin, Scott Law/Mandolin, Mark Ettinger/acoustic bass, Jim Page/Guitar & vocals

“Folk Music with Teeth.”

This CD is classic Jim Page: Contemporary, biting, sometimes funny, progressive, and insightful. Recorded live and mixed in 2006 at Big Red

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Jim Page: “Music from Big Red”

Jim Page “Folk Music with Teeth” with Billy Oskay: Violin, Mark Ettinger, Acoustic Bass.

Spontaneously created, “Music From Big Red” , was recorded live and mixed in 2000. Very Analog. Emotional and deep.

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Anne Weiss Sessions

Anne Weiss has been filling Big Red with her big rootsy, sometimes funky, always bluesy guitar and hot vocals. The project is being produced by Kenny Passarelli & Billy O. and features a cast of fantastic musicians.

Spank & Janice Hopkins, Anne Weiss, David Jacobs-Strain and Kenny Passarelli

After recording an edgy original featuring twisted harmonies over beat box rhythms, Anne rehearses a rootsy country blues tune outside the studio in the beautiful Oregon Indian Summer:

Kenny is playing Big Red's 1902 harmonium

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