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How to Be Famous! Part 1

Want to be Famous? It’s easy—to be famous, USE only ONE NAME!

It has worked well for Sting, Bono, and those below.

(and please submit edits ,corrections or additions to this list by Posting a comment below). Thanks :)

Name Notoriety *Real Name
Gaga (Lady) Singer-Fashionista Stefani Joanne Germanotta
Fabio drum and bass DJ Fitzroy Heslop
Byork Islandic Singer Björk Guðmundsdóttir
Plato Philosopher *
Gabriel Gatekeeper Angel Gabriel
Nero Fiddler Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus
AKA Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
Socrates History Teacher *
Paul, Mark, Et Al Saint, Disciple *
Madonna Singer Madonna Ciccone
Cher Singer/Actress Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre
Enya Singer Eithne Patricia Ní Bhraonáin
Sting Singer Gordon Sumner
Bono Singer/U2 Paul Hewson
Morris Advertising Morris Cat
Tut King Of Egypt Tutankhamen
T (Mr.) Wrestler, Actor Laurence Tureaud
Dumbo Elephant *
Zeus, Apollo, Athena, et al Greek Gods Pallas Athena
Jesus Son Of God *
Shankar Musician/Violin Lakshminorayana
George (Boy) Culture Club George Alan O’dowd
Yanni Musician Yiannis Chrysomallis
Slash Guitar/Guns’n Roses Saul Hudson
Donovan Singer Philips Leitch
Gallagher Comedian Leo Anthony Gallagher
Tonto Sidekick/Lone Ranger *
Thuycides * No One Can Remember
Superman, Spiderman, Mighty-Mouse, Et Al Super Heroes Clark Kent
Lulu Singer Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie
Liberace Flaming Pianist Wladziu Valentino Liberace
Hammer Rapper Mc Hammer
Vangelis Musician Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou
Barney Reincarnations Of *
Lucifer Satan *
Dracula Count Transylvania *
Goofy Goofiness *
Casper Being Friendly The Ghost
Piggy, Kermit, et al Sesame Street *
Prince Singer Prince Rogers Nelson
Popeye Spinach Advocate *
Bozo Clown *
Dante Author Dante Aligheri
Babe That’ll Do *
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How to be Famous: Part 2

Do you REALLY want to be Famous? It’s easy: — USE TWO (or more) FIRST NAMES!
It has worked well for those below.

(and please submit edits ,corrections or additions to this list by Posting a comment below). Thanks :)

Name Notoriety *Real Name?
Steve Allen Tv Personality *
Woody Allen Director, Writer, Actor Allan Stewart Konigsberg
Tori Amos Singer/Songwriter Myra Ellen Amos
Eddie Arnold Actor *
Rosanne Arnold Tv *
Tom Arnold Tv *
Benidict Arnold Traitor *
Mohammed Ali Boxer *
William Blake Writer *
Jack Bruce Musician (Cream) *
Lenny Bruce Comedian, Satirist Leonard Alfred Schneider
John Candy Actor *
Juius & All Caesars Roman Caesars *
Sean Cassidy Canadian Illustrator *
Sean Cassidy Male Stripper *
Shaun Cassidy Writer/Actor/Producer *
Ray Charles Musician Ray Charles Robinson
Dick Clark First Dj *
Montgomery Clift Stage/Film Actor *
Jamie Lee Curtis Actress *
Tony Curtis Actor *
James Dean Actor *
Michael/Kirk Douglas Actors *
Bob Dylan Singer/Songwriter Robert Allen Zimmerman
Blake Edwards Producer *
Percy Faith Orchestra Leader *
Whitaker Forest Actor *
Anne Frank Diary *
Ben Franklin Statesman, Patriot *
Peter Gabriel Singer/Musician *
Carey Grant Actor *
Hugh Grant Actor *
Ulysses S. Grant 18Th Us President *
Paul Harvey Radio Commentator *
Peewee Herman Adventures *
Woody Herman Big Band Leader *
Buddy Holly 50’S Rocker *
Bob Hope Comedian *
Washington Irving Author *
Michael Jackson Pop Star *
Harry James Trumpeter, Band Leader *
Jessie James Outlaw *
Henry James 19Th Cent. Author *
Et Al James * *
Jerome Jerome English Author *
Billy Joel Pop Singer *
Elton John Pop Singer *
James Joyce Irish Author *
David Kelley Tv Writer/Producer *
All The Kennedys Politicians *
Clark Kent Superman *
Vacslav Klaus President Czech Rep. *
Bruce Lee Kung Fu Actor *
Peggy Lee Singer Norma Deloris Egstrom
Robert E. Lee General *
Other Lees * *
Huey Lewis Rock Musician Hugh Anthony Cregg II
Jerry Lewis Comic Actor Joseph Levitch
Juliet Lewis Tv Producer *
Juliette Lewis Rock Singer *
Richard Lewis (1) Politician *
Richard Lewis (2) Bishop *
Richard Lewis (3) Comedian *
Richard Lewis (4) Baseball Player *
Richard Lewis (5) Tenor *
Richard Lewis (6) Musician “Cass” *
Richard Lewis (7) Welsh Martyr *
Richard Lewis (8) Literary Critic *
Sherri Lewis “Lamb Chop” Ventriloq. *
Et Al Lewis * *
Richard Little Comedian *
Little Richard Wild Man Rock N’ Roll Richard Wayne Penniman
Christopher Lloyd Character Actor *
Harold Lloyd Silent Film Star
Martin Luther Early Protestor *
Marky Mark Musician/Actor Mark Wahlberg
Dean Martin Crooner Dino Paul Crocetti
Mary Martin Actress *
Steve Martin Actor *
Et Al Martins * *
James Mason English Actor *
Perry Mason Lawyer *
James Maxwell (1) Scottish Math/Physics *
James Maxwell (2) Tv Actor *
George Michael Pop Singer Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou
George Mitchell (1-12) See En.Wikipedia.Org *
Elizabeth Montgomery Actress *
Philip Morris Smoker *
Sam Neil Actor *
Peter Parker Spiderman *
Jason Patric Actor *
Sandi Patty Christian Singer *
Simon Peter Apostle, Fisherman *
Sally Jesse Rafael Tv Talk Show *
James Earl Ray King Assassin *
Man Ray Photographer *
Pat Riley Basketball Coach *
Lionel Richie R&B Singer *
Christopher Robin Winnie The Pooh *
Axl Rose Bassist, Guns N’ Roses William Bruce Rose Jr.
Diana Ross Singer
Bertrand Russel Writer, Philosopher
Babe Ruth Baseball Player
Walter Scott (1) Novelist, Poet
Walter Scott (2) Singer
Molly Shannon Snl
Carly Simon Singer
Paul Simon Singer/Songwriter
Sirhan Sirhan Kennedy Assassin
Elizabeth Taylor Actress
James Taylor Singer
Mick Taylor Guitarist, R. Stones
Zachary Taylor 12Th Us President
Tiny Tim (1) Character Fr. Dickens
Tiny Tim (2) Musician Herbert Khaury
Clarence Thomas Supreme Ct. Justice
Dylan Thomas Poet
Sophie Tucker Singer, Comedian Sophia Kalish
Tanya Tucker C/W Singer
George Washington 1St Us President *
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