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Philip Glass “Orphee” recorded by Billy Oskay

Portland Opera’s Nov. 2009 production of “Orphee” by Philip Glass was recorded live by Billy Oskay and staff from Big Red Studio.
It was released June 30, 2010 and has received great reviews in the NY Times and elsewhere.

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Anne Weiss CD release

The mastering (final polish) for Anne Weiss’s new CD, “Concrete World and the Lover’s Dream”, was expertly done at Nick Moon’s new Tone Proper Mastering, and it sounds great!

Nick Moon and Big Red’s Billy Oskay were happy to attend Anne Weiss’s CD release concert, performed to a sold out audience April 26th at Portland’s Clinton Street Theater. She gathered almost all the musicians who played on her project and it was wonderful to hear the arrangements (carefully brought to focus in the studio) come alive!

Check out Anne’s website at:

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Tom May and Blue Roads Red Wine CD

Tom May worked over the Winter with Billy Oskay at Big Red, recording, mixing and mastering his 13th CD (second at Big Red): “Blue Roads Red Wine.”
We usually do not profile artists who record at Big Red, but singer-songwriter Tom May is such an amazing human being that we felt compelled here to tell a bit about him.
Tom May, in addition to being a fine musician, is a radio personality, a writer, and a concert promoter. He is a gracious, caring person who treats all he meets with warmth and humor.
For over 20 years Tom has hosted the radio show “River City Folk” which is broadcast weekly to over 200 stations on the WFMT Fine Arts Radio Network.
Tom also created and promoted Winterfolk, one of the Northwest’s premier concerts that each year brings together some of the finest musicians from the folk tradition to raise money to support “Sisters of the Road Cafe.” Sisters of the Road Cafe

Tom May (center) singing with Peter Yarrow at the conclusion of 20th Annual Winterfolk concert on Feb. 2, 2008

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Fall-Winter 2008 at Big Red

Days grow shorter and the fog rolls in as Big Red stays busy tracking and mixing projects for Anne Weiss, HannaH’s Field, Tom May, Brian Hall, Rudy Lopez and OCP, Cam Newton, Philip Boulding, Johnny Martin, Shoehorn and Jody Peterson.

Clients often take breaks to enjoy the sights from the hill behind Big Red Studio and frequently see deer right outside the windows while recording.

Sunrise at Mt. Hood as seen from hill behind Big Red

Foggy morn looking south from Big Red campus

Doe with her yearlings in the rain

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HannaH’s Field Project

October was filled with fun as we tracked the “gypsy reggae” sounds of HannaH’s Field. Singer-Songwriter HannaH and (hot on the Djembe) Andy A are the heart & soul of the group. Their CD: “Warriors of Love ” will be released in Spring 2008

Andy A and HannaH, here with darbuka wizard Tarik Banzi

HannaH's Field were joined by friends singing choral parts on two cuts.

Website: HannaH’s Field

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Belinda Underwood Session

Belinda Underwood

Mel with Benny Green

Martin ZarZar


Singer/Songwriter/bassist Belinda Underwood creates new songs and sounds for an upcoming release with Benny Green at the piano & Martin ZarZar (Pink Martini) on drums & percussion.

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Rapper Young Buck session

Young Buck tracks at Big Red Studio

Platinum recording artist/rapper Young Buck created and tracked new vocals over some incredible beats recently at Big Red, Nick Moon and Zack Meyers engineering.

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Isaac Simons “Eyes Awake” project

Singer/guitarist songwriter Isaac Simons has locked out Big Red for most of two weeks, tracking with an excellent cast of Northwest artists for his “Eyes Awake” CD project. His blend of Reggae, Hip-Hop and Electronica is quite unique and has had the sub-woofer at Big Red working overtime.
Engineers Tim Hochstedler and Producer Zack Meyers utilized the Studer 2″ deck synched up with Pro-Tools HD, capturing the best of both analog and digital sounds.

Isaac Simons

Producer 'Buttercup' Zack Meyers and Isaac Simons

Drummer phenom Anthony Jones

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Big Red’s TSM Console: a history

Big Red’s Trident TSM (40 input, 32 monitor, 24 bus) was hand built in England and first belonged to Jose Feliciano.
Shortly thereafter it became the centerpiece for San Francisco’s legendary recording studio: The Automatt.

With David Rubinson, Fred Catero and the gang , it was used on countless Gold and Platinum records including those by Santana, Herbie Hancock, The Pointer Sisters, Journey, Con Funk Shun, Jefferson Starship, Sister Sledge and many more. Later, it migrated a few miles north to Tarpan Studios where Narada Michael Walden made hit after hit (Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey et al.) on it. The sound is big, warm and very analog. It was meticulously maintained by Doc Shaffer in the bay area and was commissioned at Big Red Studio May, 2000.
It is now maintained by Alan Garren Waltzing Bear Audio

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Brian Hall Project


Brandon Hutson, Brian Hall, Steve Smith, Dennis Dove, and Donavan Itawe Cunningham

Singer/writer /DJ/producer/engineer Brian Hall brought these amazing musicians together to Big Red for tracking his unique blend of classic Reggae grooves with cool modern influences.

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