Dan Crary and Primal Twang

September, 2006

Guitar wizard and longtime Big Red client Dan Crary has really done it this time with his San Diego world premiere of “Primal Twang”: The Legacy of the Guitar — the first definitive theatrical journey through the guitar’s colorful and surprisingly controversial 3500-year history.

The show was filmed for a TV special and a DVD… with five cameras and 80 tracks of Protools! I attended the show and was blown away hearing sixteen of the world’s greatest living guitarists in a 4 hour concert that felt like 5 minutes. Big Red Studio clients Beppe Gambetta, Mason Williams, and John Doan were also in the show and visiting with them and meeting Eric Johnson, Albert Lee, Doc Watson and others l at the cast party was a real treat. Read more about it at: http://www.primaltwang.com

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